I am a Contractor/Interior designer by trade. Greg from Copper Tech has been working with me on custom copper works throughout the years. The first custom hood he did for me was an absolute masterpiece! I was blown away!  Over the years, he continuously impresses and finds ways to push the envelope.  He is a visionary in the design and execution of his art. That is exactly what I consider his work: art!   The level of  perfection and craftsmanship Greg demonstrates is  something rarely seen in this day and age.  Seldom do you see tradesman of his caliber who can create such pieces of perfection with their own bare hands.  I recommend to anyone who is thinking of doing a kitchen, a home, or anything that dealt with metal to let Greg tailor a piece of art in their home.  Greg proves that he can infuse specific ideas of design from the homeowner into his pieces of art, which can make for an even more meaningful ornament!


Thanks for your hard work!


Jordan Praltley


General Contractor/Interior Designer


Fine Design & Construction

We had the privilege of having Oakridge Cabinets build the cabinets in our home several years ago. It was such a positive experience from start to end. The selection that we got to choose from was vast and we were included all along the way. We were given Many different options for the direction we wanted to go with our home. From door styles to color choices we were guided all along the way. We had a small area that we had a different door style in mind and Dave helped us to design something unique that fit perfect. We were shown the coloring process along the way and were thrilled with the final result.

Once the installation started we were so pleased with the results. The cabinets were even better than we imagined. Beautiful molding and finish work. The extra pullouts in the kitchen are a lifesaver. Our kitchen hood was a unique design and once again Oakridge cabinets went the extra mile to achieve what we were looking for. Oakridge cabinets really went the extra mile on making sure all of our cabinets were beautiful and functional.

Thank you to the great staff at Oakridge and especially Dave Johnson for making it all such a positive experience and for the beautiful cabinets.

 Mike & Connie Larsen


We contracted Dave Johnson & Oakridge Cabinets & Design for our kitchen remodel in 2009. Dave listened to our needs and provided top quality custom cabinets finished on time and as designed. Oakridge Cabinets are a work of art. Mr. Johnson has a terrific grasp of his business and every contractor he recommended provided quality work at at reasonable prices. We are satisfied customers and highly recommend Oakridge Cabinet & Design
 Jim & Nancy Wankier - 3-20-2010

Copper Tech has been a dream to work with. Not only was the quality of their craftsmanship of the highest caliber, their service was phenomenal. The finished products look fantastic and really add a unique, special quality to the aesthetic of our home. All of this at a very affordable price. I would happily recommend Copper Tech to anyone.

David & Stephanie Nibley -- March 20, 2011
  Highland, UT




"I have had the opportunity to use Copper Tech products on many projects, from their fully functional framed and stylish bay roof cap to their gorgeous intricate and ornate kitchen ventilating hoods. They have a huge selection of product and if there is a one of a kind project that is required, Greg Nielson’s fine metal working and artistic qualities can make it happen. I have worked with Greg for over ten years and have always had stress free, no call backs, on time, quality built projects from Copper Tech. Many times Greg’s construction experience has helped to avoid engineering and scheduling conflicts. I highly recommend Copper Tech-if it is worth doing, it is worth doing right.
Darrell Thomas
Project Manager, Robert Nelson Construction"
Service Category: Fine copper metal work

 Year first hired: 2000 (hired more than once)

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time





 "Our experience with Copper Tech Construction was AMAZING!!! They did a great job on our Copper Hood in our new Home. Greg had many design ideas to choose from and he was able to build my hood exactly the way we wanted it. We will definitely use Copper Tech when we build another new home.  Thanks again for our beautiful copper hood!."

Scott and Krissie Dent - 4-4-2011 



I have now retired and my wife and I are currently living in the Fiji Islands in the South Pacific.  By the way, I hope those I have recommended your business to have been there.  The copper you installed for me still looks great.
Doug Muir





Mike Powell commented on {creator}'s post. Have used Copper Tech for years, and will definitely continue to use for many more. Excellent work and excellent service.
Greg Nielsen, Ownership, Copper Tech Construction, Inc., Pleasant Grove, Utah, Copper Tech Construction Inc. was founded in May, 2000. This company offers custom copper decorating options for the interior and exterior of your home. We pride ourselves on high quality work, combined with the flexib....
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