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Radiant Roof Sheathing & Tankless Water Heaters


The seasons of winter and summer are very hard for the cooling and the heating systems of anyone’s house. The electricity bills can be very high as the systems try to provide us with a comfortable living condition, while trying to cope up with the heat or the cold. People who have invested in the real estate sector in Hamptons will benefit from installing both roof sheathing (radiant) and water heaters (tankless). These two products will not only help you to achieve a favorable living condition at home, but they will also help in reducing the electricity bills.


Radiant Roof Sheathing


People who live in the Upper Eastern coast have to live with harsh weather conditions, as they have to face prolonged winters with dry and cold weather. In my experience, I have seen that people in this part of the world benefit a lot from installing radiant barriers on their roofs. These barriers (made from aluminum sheeting) can be placed below the sheathing of the roof, as a precaution against intense temperatures. They can reduce the heat absorbed by the roof, which can increase the workload of the air conditioners in the house - I’ve done multiple installations inside Hampton’s Homes, and this argument remains steadfast. In other words, it’s clear that these sheathings can help the air conditioners, by decreasing the excess heat accumulated on the roof. 


The energy consumption of the house will automatically be lowered, when people use these barriers. The heating and cooling of the house can be achieved in a more environment friendly way, as the carbon emission by the heating and cooling devices will be drastically reduced. Also, the entire house will have a uniform temperature, making it an ideal place to live. 


Tankless Water Heaters


Even though it could be a bit expensive at the beginning, In most of the houses I have worked on, people have immensely benefited from installing tankless water heaters. Yes, people would need to make a substantial amount of initial investment but in the long run I have seen that people save a lot of money by installing these heaters. These heaters are highly energy efficient, as they do not have to store water to heat it; rather they heat water as and when needed. This helps in saving a lot of energy, as there is no heat loss, which is caused by stored water.


Hence, there is no need to install a tank with these heaters and they use comparatively lesser energy for heating water. In my experience, these heaters are a great long-term investment as they can help people save money in energy bills. In fact, people can save more than half the money, which they pay in electricity bills, while using traditional heaters.


The radiant roof sheathing and the tankless water heaters are ideal for anyone who is looking to make smart and cost efficient home improvements. 

 (i.e. - Sam is a writer for and advocate for home improvement...)

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