Skyline Roofing®


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Skyline Roofing®

Skyline Roofing®

Skyline Roofing® offers easy installation, a variety of Cool Colors, and a limited lifetime warranty making this 26 gauge panel the best choice for beauty and performance for homeowners.

Skyline Roofing®

  • Gauge: 26
  • Width: 12" & 16"
  • Rib Height: 1"
  • Rib Spacing: 12" & 16"
  • 16" Produced in: Anchorage, AK, Sacramento, CA,
    Salem, OR,
    Salt Lake City, UT, & Spokane, WA
  • 12" Produced in:
    Salem, OR

Features / Benefits 

  • Skyline Roofing® has a clean, wide pan look of integral standing seam panels, at a lower cost.
  • Economical installation. Skyline Roofing® has no clips or battens to order, handle or install, saving time and money.
  • Quick, economical trim packages include standard trim pieces that can be ordered by part number.
  • Installation instructions and details available in DVD format and Installation Guide.
  • 12” and 16”, 26 gauge provided in our energy efficient “Cool” DuraTech® xl paint system.
  • Zincalume® Plus is offered in the 16” profile for unpainted applications.
  • All ASC Building Products panels are Class A Fire Rated assemblies per IBC. All panels are also listed in accordance to UL 790 and pass Impact Class 4 hail ratings.

Colors and Warranties 

ASC Building Products has enhanced the performance of Skyline Roofing® with the DuraTech® xl coating system. Available in a wide variety of Cool Colors formulated to reduce the demand for energy. This coating technology integrated with Zincalume® coated steel provides a lifetime of durability.

Metal roofing installation resources: Your "HOW TO GUIDE" to metal installation 

ASC Building Products offers a variety of metal roofing installation resources and support for contractors, installers and homeowners looking for metal roofing installation help. All of ASC Building Products metal roofs panels are designed with the ease of installation as a primary consideration. Whether you are looking fro details of eaves, gables, other flashings, or a how-to guide, ASC Buildings Products provides you with the metal roofing installation resources you need.

Browse our variety of videos, installation guides, panel details and design files to get your metal roof installation started today.

Note: ASC Building Products assume no responsibility for any problems which may result from improper installations or any personal injury or property damage that may occur with the product's use.


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  • : At Copper Tech, we hope to show and share our expertise with you. We feel our work speaks well for itself. Feel free to browse through our portfolio of Bay Roofs, Chimney Caps, Cupolas, Planter Boxes, Louvers and Shutters to enhance the outside of your home. If the interior needs the warmth of a copper touch, We can help there too. Custom Range Hoods, Back Splash, Counter Tops, Cabinet Door Inlays, and it doesn't have to end there! The possibilities at Copper Tech are endless.
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