You Can Easily Build This Beauty

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You Can Easily Build This Beauty

This lightweight yet sturdy bench was designed for outdoor use, but your backside will find it just as comfortable as an entry bench or even at the foot of your bed.

Building the bench takes about half a day, and finishing it adds a few hours. You don't need expert skills or fancy tools, just a table saw, circular saw, drill, jigsaw and router. The heads of the screws that fasten the seat slats to the base are covered with wood plugs, which you can make using a self-centering plug cutter. The cutter works with a drill/driver, so you don't need a drill press.

Make the bench out of dimensional cedar from a local home center. Other options include fir, redwood, white oak or pine (if you paint it). After construction, apply clear exterior oil-base finish. But you could leave the wood unfinished and let it age naturally if you prefer.

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