Work needed to keep starving copper man and family alive. Please help!

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Work needed to keep starving copper man and family alive. Please help!

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Exterior Copper - Bay Roofs

Click on the title to explore various examples of our expertise in providing a beautiful custom top for your bay windows.


Exterior Copper - Chimney Caps
Discover the elegance and charm of our chimney cap. You'll be amazed at the value it can add to your home.

Exterior Copper - Various Copper Pieces
We have organized assorted custom copper pieces in this category to gather ideas for the copper work on your house.

Interior Copper - Fire Place
Copper Tech can create elegant, sophisticated detail for your fire place. Please browse through some of our examples.

Interior Copper - Range Hoods
Feel free to browse through our customized pieces that can add a refined elegance to your kitchen area.

Interior Copper - Various Copper Pieces
In this section, we hope to provide you with an idea of how a copper can beautify various interior areas, such as the fireplace. Take a look! 


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report writing 01/17/2012 13:45

This furniture must be expensive. Not everyone can buy it. 02/22/2012 04:52

There are many options in which to choose from, it is not always manufactured out of copper. We can do any of these products from Copper, Stainless, Zinc, Brass, Prefinished Aluminum or Steel or
even Powdercoat a mill finished aluminum to match a desired finish. The options are virtually endless.