Walmart Challenge: A Mother’s Day Breakfast So Simple A Child Could Do It.

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Walmart Challenge: A Mother’s Day

Breakfast So Simple A Child Could Do It.

by Jenn @ Frugal Upstate on May 3, 2011

My kids love to make me breakfast in bed. I’ve been treated to soggy cereal (garnished with pineapple

stuck on a toothpick floating in the milk), cold buttered toast, yogurt, and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

All made and received with love. . . but perhaps not the most, uh, gourmet of meals. At least the coffee is

always hot, thanks to my Keurig coffee maker!

When Walmart issued a Mother’s Day challege-to have your kids come up with a breakfast that was easy

to make but fun for Mother’s Day-I knew my kiddos would be all over it. And I knew with a bit of guidance

from me (cause really-when is mom ever off duty?) we could come up with something so simple that even

a child could do it!

And we did! Strawberry Chocolate Waffles.


Now you guys all know that I’m a big fan of cooking from scratch. You won’t find much of a “pre-made”

variety in my home-unless I’ve been sent it as a sample or am getting ready to go on a trip

(Yankee Bill doesn’t cook). But there are times when discretion is the better part of valor.

Like when considering having a 10yr old & 7yr old make waffles by themselves.

Uh. No.

These are the times when pre-made is the way to go! With a box of frozen Great Value Waffles,

some whipped topping, a box of strawberries and some chocolate syrup you can make mom

a lovely breakfast with only a few minutes in the toaster.

This is all you need.

Oh, and coffee. Don’t forget the coffee.

Assembly is easy.  The waffles can be heated up in the toaster, which even a small child

can operate.  The Strawberries get cut into slices (or chunks!)-they used a butter knife and did fine.

Working hard. And look-they aren't even fighting. It really must be Mother's Day!

Then the kids can get creative!

Creativity time!

Now of course mom doesn’t want to do dishes on Mother’s Day, so we splurged for

some really beautiful Waverly disposable products. I’ll be using the rest of these up

the next time I have some of my girlfriends over!

I love how they coordinate but aren't matchy matchy.

Oh, and don’t forget the coffee! (notice how I’ve said that twice.  Does that tell

you how important this step is?)

I love my Keurig. It isn't the most frugal way to make coffee-but it is a delicious way.

PS-ignore the dirty dishes in the sink, ok?

Once they had it all together they were very proud of their “Mother’s Day Breakfast Creations”.

Buddy's Breakfast Creation

Princess's Breakfast Creation

So we spent a little more than I normally would on breakfast-$23.12.  But we were

left with 17 more K-cups of coffee, an almost full bottle of Chocolate Syrup, half a

tub of whipped topping, half a box of strawberries and most of the package of fancy

plates, napkins and cups. . . all of which will get used eventually.  And I got a breakfast

that I could eat and two kids who were VERY proud of the “feast” that they put together

“all by themselves”. Way better than soggy cereal I tell ya!

So what about you? Do your kids make a special Mother’s Day breakfast?

Need a great Mother’s Day craft idea that is easy, inexpensive, classy & personal? 

Check out my DIY Photograph Portrait Word Art.  I promise-you can whip this up pretty quick :)

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