Ultimate Storage Solution for Your Measuring Cups

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Ultimate Storage Solution for Your Measuring Cups

Tired of losing your measuring cups and spoons? This DIY kitchen-organizing trick will keep them all right at hand

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Measuring cups and spoons belong in that frustrating genre of small kitchen items that never seem to be around when you need them. Along with that lost supply of tupperware lids, it's next to impossible to keep track of your entire set of measuring tools. Even if you have them connected, you have to unhook them at some point for cleaning and then it's all downhill from there.

Beckie Farrant of Infarrantly Creative had the same problem and was tired of rummaging around in her kitchen drawers for her measuring cups just to find that the one she needed was missing. Inspired by a few photos online, she installed this organizational system on the inside of one of her cabinet doors.
The insides of cabinet doors are valuable surfaces that often go underused. They're great places to install spice racks, hooks and other organizational tools.
Farrant used paint sticks as the base for her hooks because they were just the right size, and they're free. Just go to your hardware store and ask for a couple paint sticks. They'll be more than happy to give you some. If you have a narrow cabinet door, consider getting several paint sticks so you can add more rows to hold all your measuring cups and spoons.

Farrant cut, sanded, primed, and painted each stick in a bold red, then screwed them into pre-marked spots on her cabinet door. Before drilling, she carefully measured where each stick would need to be so her cabinet door could still close.
After screwing in a few cup hooks from the hardware store, Farrant got even more organized and bought vinyl lettering to mark where each cup and spoon belongs. It looks good and makes it easy to grab the right cup with just a quick glance. She also included a measurement conversion chart for spur-of-the-moment recipe conversions.

Side note from Farrant: While she loves her metal measuring cups, they did make a clanging noise when she opened and closed the cupboard door. So after a day, she switched to a plastic set.

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This is absolutely Brilliant....
carriekaye says:
Great idea! I'm so copying this as soon as I can.
Where did you purchase the nice white lettering? Was it hard to get it looking so nice?
I did it the lazy and not-as-pretty way: with small stick-on hooks.
tracirolz says:
I wish I have room to hang these hooks on the doors :-(
I just saw a great tip for using a magnetic bar like the kind that are used to store knives. This will be so much better because I use metal and plastic. Love it that she included the conversion chart for easy reference!

@ carriekaye: you can find the vinyl transfer letters at any craft or office supply store. They come in many different colors, fonts and sizes. I love the stylish look of this lettering, but for a quick solution, I'll probably just use my handy-dandy labeler for now.
Marji Roy says:
Becky's idea inspired me as well. I approached it a little differently because of the rattling and used PVC pipe as a solution. Works well and no clatter. I did a tutorial over at Ashbee Design. Check it out.
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