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There are people calling from (202-559-7967) claiming to be from a charity organization of US federal government, stating that you will qualify for $7,000.00, first they will request that you send them $99.00 by Western Union to Delhi, Delhi, India at which point they will give you a new number (202-657-4879) both off these numbers show up as being from District of Columbia (Washington). Then they will instruct you to call this number with a tracking number that they have given you to receive your $7,000.00. At this point you will be told that you are to receive $8,080.00 "IF" you pay for the wiring of the money which is a total of $375.00 and it needs to be to the bank within the next twenty minutes. Now here’s the interesting part if you don't call back within that twenty minutes they will which is when I informed them that they were being reported to the Federal government for scam related practices at which point they promptly hang up and don't bother you anymore. If you have had this happen don't be embarrassed it would be better if we got the word out on these people and got them put in jail for what they are doing. Please forward this article to anyone and everyone you know so the word gets out.

confused      14 Apr 2011

I got a call from them stating i recieve 7000 from them in grant money and it was going to be sent to my account if i donate money to a charity.
Caller: unknown

idk replies to confused         14 Apr 2011
i just got the same phone call. and i wanna send the money but im scared...

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