Power — the Strong, Silent Type

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Power — the Strong, Silent Type
inverter generators Storm season looms, so it's prudent to become pals with a portable generator. It doesn't need to be a loud, overweight, fume-spewing beast. Indeed, we love the latest inverter generators, which will transform your notions about this product category. We have found them to be quietly ideal for camping, tailgating and outdoor projects.

Inverter generators produce DC power and then convert it to clean AC power that can safely run even delicate electronic devices. They merely sip fuel, because the engine speed is electronically controlled by the demand for power — not set at a fixed RPM. So they're extremely quiet (hear the difference).

When introduced a few years ago, inverter generators had eye-popping price tags, but now they're priced right. Regardless of your off-the-grid activity, these portable generators are your best bet to power up for spring. Then you can leave the outdoor noisemaking to naturally occurring critter sounds.

Power up and do it silently with inverter generators.

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