No Spit! Power Painting at Any Angle

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No Spit! Power Painting at Any Angle

Wagner SprayTech Power paint sprayers have a split personality; they're nice when they work and rude when they don't. Specifically, they spit or stop if you tilt the unit to spray down at decks or up at gutters and eaves as their reservoir gets low.

Well, Wagner has a unique new EZ Tilt flex tube to make these spit-and-quit paint sprayers mind their manners. It's a cool technology (video) new this month on Wagner's Power Painter Plus, Power Painter Max and Power Painter Pro. In this DIY category, no other tube bends inside the reservoir in response to changing spray angles, allowing it to draw a steady stream of paint.

These models also feature the Optimus Dual Tip, which provides consistent coverage, less overspray and more control as you do spring exterior painting — shutters, decks, outdoor furniture, sheds and even small homes — all giving you a professional finish.

Less spitting, more control — that's good manners and smart painting.

Easy and precise painting with Wagner's EZ Tilt flex tube.


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