Never Nervous on a Ladder Again

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May 27, 2011
Never Nervous on a Ladder Again
Little Giants Ladders We admit this ladder is a step up from other ladders. Beyond the profusion of features that'll help you function efficiently up high, there's one thing about the Select Step by Little Giant that most separates it from the rest: money.

The fact that you — and not a hired painter, window washer, tree pruner or contractor — are up there working without worry on the Select Step means money in your pocket. And isn't it interesting how work quality goes up and ladder time goes down when your knees aren't knocking?

Select Step's heel-to-toe foot support and its godsend of a safety handrail allow you to be 12 ft. up yet feel like you're on the ground. Plus Select Step works on stairs and other uneven surfaces.

Speaking of money, there's free shipping on all online orders (savings of $29.99), and you'll find specials on accessories (fuel tank, paper towel stand, ladder rack).

Step up to savings with the Select Step by Little Giant.

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