Guest Blogger: How to Choose Inspiring Nursery Furniture

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Guest Blogger: How to Choose Inspiring Nursery Furniture

Posted: 19 Apr 2011 02:37 AM PDT

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Choosing baby furniture maybe one of the hardest  activities to do. It is one of the few interior activities that involves aesthetics, safety, and versatility all in one decision. When considering nursery furniture, think of the growth of your child, and how long the piece will last, as well as how versatile it will be.

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How to choose inspiring furniture

Today, my Guest Blogger from ‘My Blog Guest‘ gives tips to help you choose nursery furniture, without all of the fear!


When decorating the nursery, today’s new parents have many options available to them in terms of modern nursery and children’s furniture than any generation before them. Nursery furniture today is often designed to complement the style of décor that is present in the rest of the home. If the parents have a traditionally decorated home filled with rich, dark wood, they may be happier selecting nursery furniture featuring rich, dark wood tones as well. If they desire a crib topped with a traditional canopy, that option is also available to them.

On the other hand, new parents who value contemporary décor with clean, simple lines can choose from modern nursery furniture that also features clean, spare lines. The parents who prefer white nursery furniture that will set the baby’s room apart from all other rooms in the home can satisfy their desire as well because choices abound and there is something for everyone in today’s nursery furniture.

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Helpful tips for choosing baby furniture

In addition to producing various styles of décor, today’s designers of modern nursery and children’s furniture have also exercised their creativity by designing nursery and children’s furniture items that serve multiple purposes. By combining different items serving different functions into one piece of furniture enhances the practicality of the furniture while maximizing the space in the nursery or child’s room.

To minimize the need for a dresser, cribs often are combined with drawers either to one side or under the crib or both. Some cribs even include a built-in changing table so new parents do not need to invest in a separate changing table that will be used for only a short time. Furthermore, some modern cribs convert not just to toddler beds, but also to full size beds that can take a child from the nursery to his or her first apartment, if desired.

Moreover, creative space-saving design does not end with the nursery. Modern children’s furniture offers innovative space-saving features as well. Captain’s beds, for instance, are twin beds that usually feature drawers under the bed for additional storage as well as shelves built into the headboard to display books and other items. Bunk beds often have built in chests of drawers, desks, or shelving units. In addition, loft beds allow the child to sleep in a top “bunk” located over the desk that he or she uses for studying or doing homework. If three children share a room, families can find bunk beds that sleep three comfortably. Furthermore, if two children share a room, but want an option for occasional sleepover guests, a bunk bed with a trundle option allows a trundle bed to be pulled out from under the bottom bunk to accommodate the occasional guest.

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Choose furniture that fits your lifestyle

Many of these space-saving bunk or loft bed options that were traditionally rather plain or masculine in style and that tended to appeal to boys more than to girls have been redesigned with girls in mind or so as to be more gender-neutral. They are available in styles of various colors from white to primary colors, for instance, and often in contemporary, spare designs that appeal to many of today’s children.

Regardless of what a family is looking for in terms of design or function, they can find options that appeal to them in modern nursery and children’s furniture. Whether the family’s needs are functional or purely aesthetic, there is something for everyone when it comes to furniture for the youngest members of the family on the market today.

Claire Jarrett runs Marketing By Web and is writing on behalf of Nubie, who offer Contemporary nursery bedding and also stock Boon items.

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