Easiest Painting Weekend Ever

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Easiest Painting Weekend Ever

Wagner SprayTech We say this confidently. First, we know you'll paint your deck, shutters, house or backyard furniture because that's what DIYers do on long, holiday weekends. And you don't mind taking the time to spruce things up — if the end product looks great.

Second, we're confident the process will be easy and the end product, "Wow" — if you use one of Wagner's Power Painters (three models) that feature the unique, new EZ Tilt flex tube. No other paint sprayer tube bends inside the reservoir as angles change, yielding a steady stream of paint as you aim up and down.

The Optimus Dual Tip provides consistent coverage, less overspray and more control; and the low-cup-level indicator warns if you're running out of paint. When you do run out, the sure prime valve retains material in the tube during refill so you don't have to re-prime between fills.

Easy. Now enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Power Painters with EZ Tilt video so you can see how
this technology makes painting easy.


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