Do you have the characteristics to be a home buyer?

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Do you have the characteristics to be a home buyer?

Did not know you needed certain characteristics to be a home buyer, did you? Well, you do not really, but it definitely helps to have them because the following ones will help you determine if you will make a good home owner!

Characteristic 1: You conform to the market.
What do we mean by "conforming?" We mean that you have researched the market and have realistic expectations of what you can afford. On the other hand, if you are a potential buyer who says, "All these homes are overpriced so I am not going to pay that much money," then you are not really serious about owning a home. The market sets overall prices.

Characteristic 2: You have savings!
Ideally, you have enough in savings in order to pay two to three months of mortgage payments. This is a reserve, and mortgage lenders love people who have the financial wisdom to prepare for the unexpected (job loss, illness, etc.).
Lenders can see that you are a minimal risk and are more willing to loan you money for a mortgage.

Characteristic 3: You love to do maintenance (or can at least tolerate it)
There is no doubt about it - you have to do upkeep on a home if you want to maintain or even increase the value of your property. There are windows to wash... a lawn to mow... and many minor repairs along the way. Some people love the challenge of this; others hate it.

Characteristic 4: You are employed with at least two years on the job.
One thing that lenders look at  is a history of stable employment. So, ideally you should  hav e at least two years of employment or current school/education history.

Characteristic 5: You plan to stay in the area.
If you are uncertain whether you will stay in a neighborhood or city, then it is a wise idea to put off home ownership for the time being.

Please call me if you have any questions.  I would love to let you know what you can qualify for and give you help with payment options.

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