Checking Chain Saws at Airports?

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April 26, 2011
Checking Chain Saws at Airports?
ECHO The point of this eye-opening video? You may put up with a lot, but not chain saws that break down or won't start. That kind of tool just doesn't cut it, not when you're clearing brush and felling trees this spring.

So go with ECHO. The thing about ECHO is they'll be there for you after you buy a chain saw (or any ECHO outdoor power equipment). ECHO has a library of instructional videos to help, including How to Mix Fuel and Oil, How to Install a Bar and Chain, How to Fell a Tree and How to Sharpen a Chain Saw.

This is just a corner of ECHO's supportive community. Check out more videos — everything from product demos to chain saw carvers to safety. Also, these testimonials are from folks who've bought ECHO tools with confidence for decades because of the professional-grade quality and five-year warranty. Laugh at this video, but get serious about your equipment with ECHO.

Rebates! ECHO is offering rebates on select models
this season at participating dealers.

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