Build This Simple Fountain

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Build This Simple Fountain

Simonton's Double Hung Replacement Windows True-false quiz. Fountains are:

1. So pretty
2. So calming
3. So much work to build.

Answers: 1) true, 2) true and 3) false.

Although large ponds and waterfalls are beautiful, you can achieve much of the same ambience (with much less work) by creating a small fountain. Building this fountain couldn't be easier. All parts are dimensional lumber that are simply cut to length. There's no fancy joinery, and you fasten all parts with screws or brad nails.

The cedar-clad frame conceals a 2 x 3-ft. utility tub ($10 at most home centers) that acts as the reservoir. The spout is a 12 x 12-in. tile attached to a wood frame. Pump tip: the water only travels a short distance, so purchase a small pump.

This freestanding fountain/planter provides the perfect focal point for a deck, patio, large balcony or small garden.

Build   this fountain or two others included in the download.
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