Build This—Be the King of Swing

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Build This—Be the King of Swing
Apologies to our women woodworkers, but "King of Swing" has an irresistible ring. We hope you'll forgive us when you finish this build-in-a-weekend project and give in to the irresistible urge to glide on your oh-so-pleasant porch swing.

Our painted swing is fine in pine because it's protected by a porch. If your swing will be outside, make it out of exterior-grade wood such as treated pine or cedar. The swing's 4-ft. length makes efficient use of standard (and easy-to-haul) 8-ft. lumber. The only tools you'll need are a circular saw, a jigsaw and a drill.

To hang the finished swing, use chain and a swing-hook kit, which you can purchase at a home center. Install two swing-hook eyebolts at least 52 in. apart — being sure that each is securely anchored in the structural framing (such as a ceiling rafter or crosstie).

Be a swinger
and download plans to build this summer swing.

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