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I have a story to tell all of the parents out there, this is for me as a parent also…


The title is an old adage… BE SLOW TO ANGER


There was a little boy his age was approximately 6 to 7, he was awaiting his father’s arrival from work eagerly. He loved his father he was his favorite hero there was no one better. As his father pulled into the driveway the son jumped with excitement after all for a young child the end of a day never comes soon enough. As his father got out of his beautiful new car, his son greeted him arms spread wide they clutched and held each other the father picking his son up and rocking back and forth. Then he set his son down and head to the house, settling in his favorite chair to read the newspaper before dinner. The son went back to playing outside fiddling around with this and that around the house, at some point finding a hammer and as little boys do commenced to pound on things, as he was hammering he accidentally hit the father’s new car. At first he was shocked by what he had done but noticed how neat the dent was he had created, so at this point continued to beautify his father’s new car with a row of fancy embellishments in a perfect row around the vehicle. Being proud of his accomplishment ran to get his father to show off his artistic ability, as the father hit the door to the carport he was shocked to see dents surrounding his new car. In the heat of the moment the father picked up the hammer and commenced to do his own hammering. As they arrived at the hospital after the incident the son was rushed into surgery while the father waited in the waiting room worried for his son and for the consequences of his actions. After a few hours of surgery the father was brought to his son’s room where he waited for his son to wake from the anesthesia. As the son awoke his father grasped him holding him tightly in his arms as he cried. The son with unconditional love comforted his father saying it was ok, at which point the son looking down and then up at his father asked… “Daddy when can I have my hands back?

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