30 Seconds to Reload Trimmer Line

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May 10, 2011
30 Seconds to Reload Trimmer Line
ECHO DIYers know not to mess with Mo. Let's say you're doing a lot of lawn care and your string trimmer is giving you good Mo-mentum to finish fast. Don't risk losing Ol' Mo because your trimmer needs to halt for a laborious line-reloading.

Instead, go with ECHO's Speed-Feed trimmer head, the market's fastest loading (30 seconds) bump-to-advance head. Speed-Feed's reload process does not require disassembly — no pressing in stiff tabs or unlocking covers.

BTW, Speed-Feed is part of ECHO's Pro Attachment Series (PAS), which lets you purchase as-you-go; you match a power source with various attachments. One PAS power source works with up to 16 attachments, including string trimmers, edgers, hedge trimmers, brush cutters and more. You only have to gas up and maintain one power head. Plus, you change the lower end simply with a tool-less coupler — which is bound to please Ol' Mo.

Purchase PAS online with a push of a button.

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